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Average year end bonus

According to the survey conducted after the Lunar New Year holidays, which ended earlier last week, for those who had received a bonus, the average figure was NT34,377.
Measurement is also based on quality of production.
A cash bonus for better-than-expected performance may be awarded to an individual, division or the entire organization, depending on the level at which performance targets were exceeded.
This means that the payment or non-payment of bonuses is a matter entirely for the employer to decide, and to negotiate with employees.
However, over the years most employees have come to expect the payment of the 13th Cheque as a right or entitlement, or as a condition of employment.It must be admitted that the additional production and the reduced rejection rate can only mean good free slots games wheel fortune to play management within the department, and it can only mean a genuine interest in the job by the employees, thus generating additional profits for the shareholders.However, a 2013 report by researchers at Harvard indicated that workers who were awarded cash bonuses were more productive than those who received a raise, even though they were earning the same amount.How Cash Bonuses Influence the Economy.A performance bonus is normally paid for good performance, and should be based as a percentage of the employees salary or wages.Therefore, those employers who now wish to change the status quo regarding payment of bonuses, either by paying less, or by paying at the different time of the year than what has been the case in the past, or by splitting what was an annual.As the level of cash bonuses is primarily determined by the profitability of an organization, it can fluctuate significantly from one year to the next, depending on how well the economy is doing.Definition of 'Cash Bonus a cash bonus is a lump sum of money awarded to an employee, either occasionally or periodically, for good performance.Similarly, if the company rule is that a rejection rate of 5 percent is acceptable, but the department consistently achieves a rejection rate of only 1, then a production bonus would be in order.The payment of bonuses, in the case of the employer who presently does not pay bonuses of any sort, it is entirely up to the employer to decide whether he wishes to pay bonuses or not.Employers must remember that such changes do constitute a change to the employees terms and conditions of employment, and this cannot be done unilaterally - it must be negotiated with the employees.

If an employer who presently does not pay bonuses of any sort wishes to continue on that route he can do so, without fear of being accused of unfair labour practice.
For the red envelope, the most common amount budgeted for it was between NT5,000 and NT10,000,.4 percent.
Whatever the case, the method of calculation must be fair and equitable.
This would apply in the situation where all employees in a particular department are collectively responsible for above-average performance.
This is evidenced by the fact that at job application interviews most applicants will ask "do you pay a 13th Cheque?".Cash bonuses can have a significant short-term impact on the local economy in areas where the average bonus level is high.Next Up, breaking down 'Cash Bonus'. Some employers may argue that they don't know six months in advance that they will be unable to pay the bonus, but surely by midyear they must have some idea of what the profits will be like at the end of the year.Only.8 percent said they were happy about the amount they received, the survey showed.The criteria for receiving such as bonus may vary by organization, possibly with different payment amounts tendered to different members based on their seniority, individual contributions, or other characteristics.But workers who receive cash bonuses are more likely to view them as discretionary rather than mandatory payments, and so they tend to reciprocate the gesture by working harder.Some researchers suggest that cash bonuses do little to improve employee satisfaction and performance.They want the payment of a 13th cheque to be incorporated as a condition of employment.