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Bad things about gambling

bad things about gambling

Arthashahstra recommended taxation and control of gambling, ancient Jewish authorities disqualified professional gamblers from appearing in the courts, some Islamic nations prohibit.
Many feel all the more stressed, anxious and depressed.
Children often feel forgotten, depressed and angry when they see their parents or one of them has a gambling problem.Since youth are inquisitive and often at a need for answers, they are more likely to develop problems related to gambling than adults.That being said, how many of you FPS players can relate to this?If you arent all ears to these queries, you will soon lose on your children.Feel the crunch the person might be undergoing, marital disharmony, divorce, substance abuse.A Celebration of Thinking Mar 2009 Western Tolerance, Islamic Intolerance Muslim outrage, Western blindness - seen through my curious eyes Jan 2008 intro more.Loss of money, alienation from family and spouse, play american original slot machines online aristocrat child abuse, damage to self-dignity- who wouldnt be crestfallen.They may lose their trust and start misbehaving, feeling down in the dumps.This is the most crude and layman definition of the vice which involves wagering of money or something of material value.

Is not it bad for your health?
The solution may not lie in banning and imposing strict laws on legalized gambling but since it is causing negative impacts on ones individual life, it needs to be curbed.
Sept 2009, fatal Flaw in, economics of Growth, aug 2009.
I cant face this mess alone, but am I not a loser who will not be helped?No doubt legalized gambling is a bad social policy but it is better to stay mum on such sensitive issues.One can always look up for the research reports online.Register, fOR free updates, welcome, tHE idea emporium, fULL menu explorations.Gambling instills remorse among the people when they lose the game.And let's face.The point here is not to make this problem everyone elses but to make them aware of the implications this vice can have on your career; for it will be harder to come back to the real world now, because time has already passed.