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Bang the spaghetti western card game

Character cards are placed face up on table, and also track strength (hand limit) in addition to special ability.
Outlaw - Kill the Sheriff, renegade - Be the last person standing.
Card from player with a shotgun, that player discards 1 card of his choice from hand.
Other cards can provide temporary boosts while in play (for example, different guns to improve your firing range) and special one-time effects to help you or hinder your opponents (such as Beer to restore health, or Barrels to hide behind during a shootout).
User Reviews (17 filter by: All Gamer TypesFamily GamersSocial GamersStrategy GamersCasual GamersAvid GamersPower Gamers Order by: Most RecentMost HelpfulHighest RatingLowest Rating.Lucky Charm (1 stock, 3 cost, black border) For each lost life point, you take 1 golden nugget from the bank (Simeon Picos takes 2 golden nugget with Lucky Charm).8 characters Al Preacher - If another player plays a blue or orange-bordered card, you may pay 2 loads to draw 1 card from deck.(4 life points) Bass Grevees - Once during your turn, you may discard 1 card from your hand to add.Rucksack (1 stock, 3 cost, black border) Pay 2 gold nuggets to regain 1 life point.Toco Ramirez - You may use any card in hand as a colt.( 3 life points ) Tequila Joe Each time oz lotto prediction numbers he plays a Beer, he regains 2 life points instead of 1 ( 4 life points ).An open source online Bang!Lasso: cards in play in front of all players have no effect.High Noon: each player loses 1 life point at the start of his turn.West Harding - You may play any number of bang!

A horse is useful for keeping your distance from unruly neighbors, while the Winchester can hit a target at range.
With the expansion, it is possible to play with only three players using a Deputy, an Outlaw and a Renegade.
Recreates an old-fashioned spaghetti western shoot-out, with each player randomly receiving a Character card to determine special abilities, and a secret Role how do i get wsop to stop posting on facebook card to determine their goal.Each player is randomly dealt a Character card and a Role card: there is always a Sheriff, two Outlaws and a Renegade.Each player's turn is divided into three phases.It does not include the player mats nor bullet tokens as found in the boxed version of Bang!They cannot be killed but they leave the game immediately after their turn.Johnny Kisch Each time he puts a card into play, all other cards in play with the same name are discarded.