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As defenders require access to the Warriors' Guild and bingo card creator software thus a combined Attack and Strength level of 130 (for example, level 65 in win slot machine tips borderlands 2 both the Toktz-ket-xil should be used until that requirement is met.
When fighting dangerous monsters it is suggested to bring a teleportation tablet or if your Magic level is high enough, teleportation runes in order to quickly escape.
Dragonfire protection, such as from an anti-dragon shield, is required to fight them.
Abyssal whip 70 Attack Slash Attack, Defence, All stats on Controlled 106 Slash 88 Strength This is the most common training weapon, especially considering its affordability.Non-wilderness locations are far from a bank or require decent thieving They deal decent damage to low level players Sometimes crowded Levels 40 to 60 edit edit source Monster name Location(s) Combat level Hitpoints Requirements Recommendations Moss giant Catacombs of Kourend 42 60 Mid-level combat.However, given its extreme rarity and only slight improvement over other weapons, it is infeasible for most players to use.Some general rules when choosing a weapon edit edit source In nearly all cases, choosing a weapon with an attack speed of 6 (2.4 second interval) will be the best choice for dealing the highest damage per second.Items will be listed in order of how much they increase general melee damage per second.It is significantly more expensive than other comparable weapons, so it should only be used over the Dragon scimitar if its stab bonus is needed and/or the player cannot complete Monkey Madness.For cape get the TokHaar-Kal-Ket/Mej/Xil (Melee, Mage, Ranged respectively) which gives a 31 style bonus to the respective style.Use of absorption potions, gained from NMZ points reduces need for prayer potions Points gained can be used for imbues which upgrade equipment.Advantages Disadvantages Very common and weak NPC Most of the profit will come from herbs, including the valuable Ranarr weed Often close to banks stratosphere casino reviews Decent amount of hp so you don't have to switch targets as often as you do when fighting chickens If you.

Granite longsword 50 Attack 50 Strength Slash All Stats 65 Slash 62 Strength (no defender) *5 ATS * This weapon is a good option at level 50 attack and strength, but attacks slower than the Granite hammer, making it worse overall.
This makes it a popular training weapon for those who have the money.
Also note that the Warrior, Tyrannical, and Treasonous rings only benefit one attacking style each, while the Berserker ring benefits all melee combat.
Armour and food for low levels.Hits hard if you have low defence or armour Without Mossy key or valuable seed drops, they are usually not worth the time and food it takes to kill Levels 60 to 70 edit edit source Monster name Location(s) Combat level Hitpoints Requirements Recommendations Wilderness.High level alchemy runes.For attack and defence training, it should be replaced with the Abyssal whip as soon as one can afford and equip.Getting Ranger Boots, a Twisted Bow, and other high-level gear as a drop is certainly rare (as it should be but these drops are in an entirely different league when compared to the chances of getting a 3rd Age Amulet.However, the set degrades after 15 hours of use and must be repaired in order to keep its stats.For the free players' guide, see.There are also spots with no requirements.If you're using level 90 weapons, Elite Void gear would be the best since it gives an invisible 3 boost to accuracy and 7 boost to your output base on weapon stats.