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Bonus bucks drawing

Hughes2 ; .
Please allow at least one week for processing.
With a reworked race track from last week, the track crew struggled to keep enough moisture in the track. .
9G-Cody Gardner5 ; .Hot laps will begin at 6 pm with racing action underway at 7:30.If you can't make it to the event in person, you can watch all the racing action from all 4 classes live on pay per view throught the ISC / ETC Sports Network.(87) Paul Dues (14) Chad Wilson (40) George Hobaugh (5) Bob McMillin (18) Arnie Kent (31) Buddy Lowther (53) Steve Little- DNF boss - Hoosier Tire - Heat 3 (2L) AJ Flick (08) Andy Feil (7K) Dan Shetler (41) Cole Ketcham (27K) Jeremy Kornbau (77).At the drop of the green, Dues immediately took command. .You can also purchase a complete listing of all permit winners and their mailing addresses by contacting InforME at (207) or by sending an email.33-Brent Matus1 ; .P8-Andrew Prather6 ; .Any unallocated permits will be transferred to the regular any-deer permit lotteries.

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He is the first driver to win 4 main events in one season on the tour. .
2014 series champ, Mike Miller from Wapakoneta, Ohio, sits in the 4th spot while Matt Cooley and Ted Hines site tied for 5th spot.
43-Michael Roehling4 ; .
39-Tyler Rankin1 ; .
Back under Green, Gardner continued to lead as Westfall slipped past Rose for the runner-up spot. .9-Scotty Weir3 ; .31-Buddy Lowther6 ; .35-Tyler Powell,.902;.97-Scott Hardman,.000 Group 4:.In 2017 Buck's Rock celebrated its 75th anniversary.