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Cancer postcode lottery

Affluent parts of Kent, West Sussex and Cheshire have some of the vietnam online casino worst survival rates, while parts of Leeds and Manchester are among enoch cree casino the best performers.
But the data Macmillan analysed, which also includes information from the London School of Hygiene Tropical Medicine, had already been adjusted for the age and socioeconomic profile of the local population and prevalence of some cancers that involve a poor prognosis.
London, which has the second-best record for patients not surviving for a year,.
It happens to be the case that a deprived outer London borough has the worst survival rate and a leafy part of south east England has the worst, but that is something of a red herring.Campaigners say some hospitals are still producing better results than others and urged doctors to help men make fully informed choices about treatment options.Men who live in Brent and Harrow are twice as likely to survive as those in East Kent.New figures for London and the South-East released by the Prostate Cancer Charity today, show that incidence rates of the disease are lowest in Hounslow, where it strikes brisbane star casino 61 out of every 100,000 men.Men with prostate cancer could double their chances of beating the illness by moving to another neighbourhood, new figures show.Delays mean that in some areas of England cancer patients have up to a 61 higher risk of dying within a year of diagnosis.The proportion of people surviving for at least a year after being diagnosed with cancer varies from.8 per cent.2 per cent depending on where they live, according.She stressed that the actual number of men developing the disease in each area is small - meaning the variations in survival rates from one area to another were not as big as they might sound.The majority of patients are treated within 62 days of an urgent GP referral, and many wait less than 31 days, but we know there is variation in meeting this challenging standard and we are working hard to get to the bottom of the reasons.

Unfortunately the UK and Ireland lag behind other European countries for some of the most common kind of cancers.
While one in four (24) of newly diagnosed cancer sufferers in north-east Hampshire and Farnham in Surrey die within a year, 38 of those in the London borough of Barking and Dagenham do so, according to a new Macmillan analysis of data from the.
NHS diagnoses and treats the disease, a leading charity warns.
Most common male cancer, prostate cancer is the most common male cancer, affecting 27,000 men a year - 25 per cent more than five years ago.
The postcode lottery is down to various factors, says the charity, including GPs' failure to correctly identify signs of cancer.Persistent and wide variation in cancer survival rates meant extra efforts were needed so that England's record was at least as good as the best-performing countries in Europe, Duffy said.About 80 per cent of those diagnosed in this area are still alive five years later.Delays mean that cancer patients in some areas of England have up to a 61 higher risk of dying within a year of their diagnosis than those in other places, simply because of where they live.Are 6,000 people a year really dying needlessly?They are highest in West Sussex, where 140 out of every 100,000 men are diagnosed each year.Thousands of people are dying early of cancer every year because of an "inexcusable postcode lottery" in how quickly the.Survival rates are also exceptionally high in Camden and Islington, where around three quarters of patients beat the disease.The alarming postcode lottery of cancer survival in England could be explained by how quickly patients are being diagnosed and treated, Macmillan said in a press release.

Overall, cancer survival rates are improving fairly rapidly.