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While the last game gigantic dragon slot machine only had six, Sonic 2 raises the total by one.
Gladiator, 1/56, 2 player, 1200 produced, 2 gobble holes, still used wooden "picnic table" style, side mounted legs (as used on multi-player games only) instead of best online slots for real money bonus metal legs.
) is the final boss.Top Card, 8/74, 1 player replay of Royal Pair.Texan, 5/60, 4 player, 1100 produced, 2 gobble holes, 3 kick-out holes, roto-target.They also used a catalized two-part finish on the playfield (much like the 1990s Williams "diamondplate" finish) that wears very well.Toreador, 6/56, 2 player, 975 produced, 2 gobble holes.Easy Aces, 12/55, 1100 produced, B, the first Gottlieb 1 player with painted metal legs, waffle-pressed metal flipper button guards, and chromed cigarette holders, 1 gobble hole, can win up to 10 credits." Metal Overlord before fighting Team Super Sonic.

Metal Overlord then flew into the skies, intending to make his ambitions come true, but was pursued by Team Super Sonic.
Change of flipper mechs to a linear 3-bearing style (though the "old style" mechs were still sometimes used for upper flippers).
Contact the collector.Double-Shuffle, 6/49, there were 911 Double Shuffle games produced.The first is a teleportation box, which will switch Sonic and "Tails position on the map.With the exception of Metropolis Zone (which has three Acts) and the final three zones of the game (which are one act each each zone only possesses two acts, although each act in this game is larger than the acts found in Sonic the Hedgehog.In my opinion, the games from here hon dah casino pow wow 2017 to mid-1970 are pretty unimaginative (exception being Target Pool / Mini-Pool, Domino, and maybe a few others).Crossroads, 5/52, 1300 produced, B-, 5 trap holes, cross roads.Wild Life, 11/72, 2 player.End of Arched Top backbox games and Start of Square Top backbox.Jumping Jack, 5/73, 2 player version of Jack in the Box.(This limits their desirabilty.) Miss Annabelle*, 8/59, 1300 produced, C, 1 gobble hole, 4 flippers, mechanical animation in the backbox (a fan rotates to reveal a girl).

Has the old style ball collect tray (and hence no "balls played" lights) and does not have a game over relay (probably because this game was designed earlier and not released).
Contents show, appearance, metal Overlord's physical appearance is nearly identical to that of Metal Madness, meaning he resembles a large, blue, heavily-armed mechanical dragon, with two eyes lined up vertically on his head.
(Back to the original style stepper unit.) Royal Flush, 4/76, 4 player.