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cheers poker room

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Accidental Adultery : Played With.
Series Continuity Error : Interseries example with Frasier.He's friendly with most of his employees and generous with pay, giving Carla a raise whenever she got pregnant, for example.Running Gag : All the time, both series wide and episodic.Second Face Smoke : Rebecca does this to Sam when he tries to get her to give up smoking.Massive Multiplayer Scam : Frequently a part of "Bar Wars" episodes.Aside from the fact that the episode ends with the two of them being quite keen on the idea of extending their relationship beyond once a year (we never hear about her again).

Can't Act Perverted Toward a Love Interest : Although Sam flirts with Diane at first, most of it is more of a joke than the earnest attempts to get her into bed that he uses with other women.
Brain Bleach : Diane's reaction to Coach's daughter's obnoxious fiance's ideal sport full-contact female karate Diane: Excuse.
However, she didn't really have anything to do there, which led to a Running Gag towards the end as the characters wondered why Rebecca was hanging around.
Woody: Wow, I sure hope this game doesn't free play online casino 770 go into overtime!Trouble is, Sam is rinsing his mouth, and can only mime the instructionswhich leads an exasperated Diane to finally "explain" that "He had to go to mime class!" Sam: Well?Kelsey Grammer was originally supposed to guest star in a handful of Season 3 episodes as Diane's new boyfriend.Basically why she's able to put up with Nick's antics.And despite a " Hello, Nurse!K-L Kansas City Shuffle : Anything involving Harry the Hat.Enemy Mine : Carla and Diane put aside their typical animosity to crack wise and share snickers at Janet Eldrige's expense in "Strange Bedfellows." They even high-five each other after some particularly good snark.

(Interesting spin on the trope in that she seems willing to forgive him.
NBC for eleven seasons (198293 about the goings-on at a friendly neighborhood bar in, boston.
Nicholas Colasanto his former pitching coach at the Red Sox.