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Dbs card game leaders

The deck will be crazy cheap, because theyre all commons/uncomons/rares, and most a rewrites of previously powerful promos or SRs.
Sideboard: 2 x King Vegeta's Surprise Attack 1 x Bulma, God Tempter 4 x Sensu Bean 1 x Objection 1 x Whis, Resting Attendant 1 x Vegeta, Prince of Speed 1 x Result of Training 2 x God Break Son winning lotto lottery for everyday players 3rd edition Goku 2 x Whis, Judge.
The only problem here would seem, that people were already using most of the product, and were now beeing told that they couldnt.
Has a "Different mix of cards" than standard packs, meaning could be smaller boosters with only commons and rares or something similar. .These three leaders all can be played aggressively and use a lot of the same cards to get the job done as the Hirudegarn deck does.If you do, choose up to 1 card in your opponent's life and send it to its owner's Warp.On the other hand, Oaths Power, Tapion seems to be one of those cards intended for one deck, but which might potentially becomes a staple in blue decks.Deflect was already a definite strike towards yellow players, but were now seeing an even more powerful solution.Tien is the faster option, allowing you to awaken as soon as turn two if played alongside a green leader.SS3 GT Flute This deck is receiving a lot of hype.A 4-drop with 20k power and Double Strike has come to be pretty standard with most R and above cards, even some commons have that, so for her Promo-card status, shed really need an excellent skill to match.It's a brand new Dragon Ball card game in English!

Trunks: Youth gets his own Avatar on the battlefield, with a generic Draw one when attacking leaders and activate energy skill on his front.
With great green, comes great Veggiestability In this section, well be diving into the must-plays of the Veggies; the Cross Worlds package.
We are actively controlling how our opponent will draw next turn, essentially denying them acces to new cards.
That is, until Demigra decided to show us how its really supposed to be done!Babys card is a generic Draw one when attacking a leader, and he Activates 2 energy upon Awakening, so theres not much to say about his front.For a 6-drop, 25k might seem a bit meek, but with a skill like that, this Son Goku could potentially cause a shift in the meta, if we can find a way to cheat him out.That is of course, until today, when Bandai released the following statement to their facebook profile: source: m/Dragon-Ball-Super-Card-Game / With this announcement, Bandai seem to be taking a stand that Tournaments should never feature product not allowed in their respective regions, until they deem that the.We still think that the combo is strong, but it will take a bit more focus to pull off.