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If not, then get ready for the fight of your life!
Money entered : 300 yen SCP-261 Powered or Unpowered : Powered Item description : Fruits of the Loom A package of three pieces of edible underwear in bright colors.
Their repertoire of attacks consists of throwing Watermelon Fuse Bombs, as well as swinging on a rope towards the Kongs, usually spinning a hammer next vip slot sign in in an attempt to hurt them.
Illustration on the package depicted a hand squeezing a Twinkie.Subsequent analysis of the red samurai revealed it to be made of rock candy, with a raspberry flavor.They are dangerous to touch and completely indestructible, although Cranky Kong can bounce on them with his cane without getting hurt.Here, he is still Donkey Kong's apprentice and an "in-training video-game star".They can be rotated with a ground pound.Money entered: 500 yen SCP-261 Powered or Unpowered: Unpowered Item description: A 6-inch-long figurine of SCP-682, which upon being removed from the vending machine became animate, and sang barbershop music, dancing with a cane and boater hat (source of cane and hat remains unidentified).Additionally, the music that plays in Mangrove Cove and in every second Kong Temple level are playable in the Jungle Hijinxs stage under the names "Mangrove Cove" and "Swinger Flinger".Their air gauge will also fill up if the Kongs enter an underwater Barrel Cannon, and will remain filled for as long as they stay inside the barrel.An odd number of Puzzle Pieces (5, 7, or 9 as well as four K-O-N-G Letters, are spread in each level, excluding boss levels for both and Hidden Kong Temple levels for the latter.Turns enemies into Banana Coins, which can be used to purchase items in Funky's Fly 'n' Buy.

Money entered: 150 B yen SCP-261 Powered or Unpowered: Powered Item description: A box 7cm on a side that, when opened, played a badly-recorded song while blackjack billy tickets a ballerina statue spun around on a stand within the box.
As the Mine Cart moves automatically, the Kongs can duck inside the vehicle or jump with it in order to dodge obstacles.
After recovery, there was no additional effect.Upon opening of the package, the "samurai" stood and attacked each other.The Kongs are now given a gauge with limited air while underwater, requiring them to seek out air bubbles to fill it and survive.Though the utensil appeared to have taken a piece out of the holographic image from the box, upon him eating the apple slice the image reformed.Money Entered: 300 Yen SCP-261 Powered or Unpowered: Unpowered, but powered on when item was being dispensed.DK series edit DK: King of Swing edit Diddy Kong in DK: King of Swing In DK: King of Swing, Diddy Kong is capable of being played as in the games adventure mode by collecting twenty-four DK Coins in the games adventure mode with Donkey.