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(KS link) 112.00 ending 46 backers Quester Party: A hybrid cooperative game of adventure Meet the first game from Tiger Ghost.
A fast paced, semi-cooperative political party game for 3-5 players!
Stalins Final War: 1953 What If?(KS link) 508.17 ending 1,505 backers Atlantis Rising: The Cooperative Worker Placement Game Survive the floods and jackpot cafe bonus bucks save your people in this gripping cooperative worker placement game for 1-7 players.(KS link) 147.13 271 backers War for Indagar: A fast paced, fantasy 4x strategy game A lightweight, fast, 4x strategy board game with beautiful miniatures set in the fantasy world of Indagar.Includes 316 pieces total and a burlap carrying bag.A Mediterranean city-builder from award-winning designer Fabio Lopiano, with custom components and a dedicated solo mode.1, gambling in guangzhou 2, 3, 4, 5, next ยป.We doubt youll ever get bored either, cause this thing comes with more pieces than a Jigsaw puzzle.(KS link).09 ending 102 backers Card Assassins An Elimination Game Without Safe Words.(KS link) 130.67 ending 148 backers Daniel Mersey's Battle Ravens: The Shieldwall Board Game Battle Ravens is a game of Viking Age shieldwall warfare, designed by Daniel Mersey and illustrated by Peter Dennis!(KS link).77 lottery scratchers secrets ending 70 backers Witchful Thinking A mathematics-based card game of witches brewing potions by adding the correct combination of ingredients into the cauldron.A steampunk board game.(KS link).37 NEW 81 backers Scoffton, the All You Can Eat Buffet board game!

You asked, we listened.
Outwit your friends to catch the imp!
I finally repartitioned my hard drive and installed Pathfinder Kingmaker.
Refight the bloodiest day in American history with this hex and counter classic game.
This game, unsurprisingly, sounds a whole lot more fun.(KS link) 120.01 ending 436 backers Hard City the Board Game A game of adventure and tactics in an 80s-inspired new retro setting.(KS link).10 NEW 9 backers Get Organized!(KS link).72 NEW 221 backers Forage, The Bee Game Take charge of a beehive for one season from spring to winter in this strategic Euro-style tabletop game.(KS link) 409.07 NEW 2,011 backers Monumental Monumental is the next generation civilization game with a mix of innovative mechanics taking the best from deckbuilding and 4X games.(KS link).21 NEW 116 backers Night of the Living Dead: Party Kickstarter Throw an epic party with the Official Night of the Living Dead Party Kickstarter!(KS link) 165.24 ending 510 backers Bee Lives: We Will Only Know Summer A board game about surviving as a wild bee hive.Of those, 150 (49) have already reached their funding goal.Limited Edition The Union desperately fights to stop Robert E Lee in this tense board game on the pivotal battle of the Civil War at Gettysburg.2 to 5 or 6 players.

20 - 30 minutes.
(KS link) 162.61 NEW 228 backers Relicblade: The Moldorf Expedition and Others Fantasy tabletop miniature game for 2 to 4 players.
(KS link) 144.43 NEW 98 backers Borders of Kanta: A tile laying game for 2-6 players Outwit other clans in a realm recovering from a plague.