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Going to a casino

going to a casino

Online offers the opportunity anytime and there is rarely a shortage of players to compete against so there is always action.
Dismalgrin @dismalgrin (2592) United States 18 Nov 10 I've only been to a casino one play roulette online real money european time.
But many of the machines offer a jackpot payout that is exactly 1 dollar less than the taxable amount!
Prize (n) a reward for winning a contest, game, or lottery The prize for winning the race is a gold medal.
6precious102 @6precious102 (4053) United States 18 Nov 10 I've never been to a casino.Do you like to gamble?I have never in my life been to a casino, i gues that because i have very little money and as i do not know that much about the games that go on in cas9inos this is why i have not been.In my opinion, one could be lucky at times but the casino owner is always the lucky one.Lol When we left I used my last 20 to get us a bite to eat and when we got home I cut up the casino cards because I told him he is such a bad gambler that we were never going back Lol.I've played casino games in a video game and i can already tell, I'll be addicted.

Kevin : I like to play poker.
The only game I'd be interested in is poker, which at least requires some skill and is not all luck.
Casino gambling money slots gdesjardin @gdesjardin (1938) United States 17 Nov 10 We go out to Vegas at least every other year.
It's no harm to pay a little amount to seek fun, whereas it's not wise to challenge, to earn money by gambling I suppose Have a nice day and happy posting danishcanadian @danishcanadian (28743) Canada 23 Nov 10 I have never been to a casino.
Casinos family friendly las vegas poker slot machines Floberta @Floberta (18) United States 17 Nov 10 I find this very odd.You just gave me an idea.Some people enjoy gambling too much.Your answer: Besides money, what other things can people win?Know The Best Bets, not all bets and casino games are created equal.My mom got addicted to gambling and gambled away all her money including her IRA and is in 25000 dollars of credit card debt now.Why do you think lafayette indiana casino people like to gamble?

I never win when I gamble.