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Good drinking card games for 2

Drinking card games for 4 people When youve got a crowd at home with nothing to do, a deck of french bingo cards cards and some booze can turn the night around!
Beer Roulette This game gets a little messy as it goes.
The games listed ahead are all fun easy drinking card games that will get everyone laughing and wasted in no time!Of course some card games work best with a specific kind of crowd, Bet your Liver for example is best for those who have high alcohol tolerance.Players gather around a circular table with their drinks and one of the players is appointed as the Three Man.Each player must have a bottle of liquor to themselves.The more creative the activities get, the more fun this game gets.If the flipped cards happen to have the same number or the same suit, then a connection has been made, and the two must drink the number of sips equivalent to the number of the first card that made the connection.The first to play (you) will ask the other for a specific rank that you will need to gather to make a book out of the card/cards of the same requested rank you already hold.The last person to do so would have to gulp down the entire center cup.One of the players will pose a question for instance: Would you rather eat your booger or pick your nose?

Here are the card values: Face cards (except ace) - 10 Ace - 11 Crazy Eights Name of the Game: Crazy Eights Duration of one game: 30 Minutes Get ready to get crazy with eights!
Edward 40 hands This party drinking game is perhaps considered to be the most extreme one, but an absolutely fun game.
Whoever has a corresponding card in their deck has to either accept a Truth or a Dare, depending on the row of the card or drink for a few seconds, depending on its location in the row.
Horse Races, drunken Uno, the Lady Has The Deck, ride The Bus #2 admin.
If you have a ten then it will drop the value of the pile by 10 if the total value has surpassed the 90s.If he was actually bluffing, then he has to drink twice.Make sure the way to the toilets are free, though.At any point, a player might say Does he fuck?Two teams are formed, for instance, one for the boys and the other for the girls.

The player yells floor!
One of those great drinking card games if youre not really into heavy rules and such, as this involves short snappy rounds.