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Hasbro battleship card game instructions

hasbro battleship card game instructions

The ships owner announces which ship was sunk.
Continue calling out salvos until one player wins.
Contents 2 plastic fold-and-store game trays 10 plastic ships 84 red hit pegs the history of bingo 168 white miss pegs label sheet THE first time YOU play.Figure 3 target grid ocean grid white PEG storage RED PEG storage ship storage dd 1 dd 1 10:48 10:48).You place can you make money off a free app a red peg in coordinate D-4 of your target grid.Remove the red and white pegs from the plastic bag.Figure 4 shows an example of ship placement.Your opponent does not tell infinix zero 3 price in slot you which ship you hit.(See Figure.) object Sink your opponents fleet of five ships before they sink yours.You fire them one at a time, and your opponent announces whether the shot is a hit or a miss.HOW TO play, decide who will go first.Apply the Battleship labels to the lids of the two game trays (see Figure 1).

Both secretly place your 5 ships on your ocean grid.
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Align the numbered edges of the plastic Target Grids with the tabs in the game tray lids.Consumer_aff email protected Aa figure 1 adult assembly required 2 players 7 figure 2 Your fleet of 5 ships.Hasbro Australia Ltd., Level 2, 37-41 Oxford Street, Epping NSW 2121, Australia. .To place each ship, push the pegs on the underside into the holes on your ocean grid.If your called-out shot location is occupied by a ship on your opponents ocean grid, its a hit!Licensed by Hasbro to Ubisoft Entertainment.For example, the shot location in Figure 5 is D-4.