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In late February 2000, Regal lost a career.
The duo first began teaming on the 8 April episode of Saturday Night.
Ray Traylor defeated Dave Taylor, harlem Heat defeated High Voltage, wCW Tag Team Champions Rick Scott Steiner defeated Meng the Barbarian."WWE NXT Report: current and former NXT Champions in action; Women's Title Tournament finishes the first round; number one contenders for the tag titles determined; And More".Bam Bam Bigelow, Diamond Dallas Page."WWF In Your House Results (Canadian Stampede.130 Ohno later apologised to Regal.(January 15, 2003) Vince Russo Triple X (Christopher Daniels, Low Ki, Elix Skipper) defeated NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Jarrett, Dusty Rhodes, The Road Warriors (Hawk Animal) Graham Cawthon.He is highly respected amongst his peers and fans and has achieved considerable championship success in professional wrestling, although he has never been a world champion.Defeated Kidman Dean Malenko defeated Fit Finlay Diamond Dallas Page defeated Raven WCW Tag Team Champion Sting defeated the Giant WCW @ Jacksonville, FL - Coliseum - June 22, 1998 (8,749; 7,795 paid) Monday Nitro : Disco Inferno defeated Len Denton Yuji Nagata defeated Tokyo.In a hair match at 11:55 with an inside cradle as Chavo was distracted by referee Charles Robinson attempting to take a pair of scissors away from him; after the contest, Chavo scared Eddie from the ring and shaved his own head ( Cheating Death.3 ) WCW @?57 Raw General Manager and King of the Ring (20072009) edit Regal applies a wrist lock to Cody Rhodes On 17 June, Regal was drafted back to the Raw brand during the supplemental draft, 58 ending his tag team with Dave Taylor.

Sick Boy, and Ric Flair.
Pinned Super Calo Alex Wright pinned Johnny Swinger WCW TV Champion Chris Jericho defeated Kanyon Perry Saturn pinned Norman Smiley Lex Luger defeated Scotty Riggs Juventud Guerrera pinned Prince Iaukea Konnan defeated Steve Armstrong Dean Malenko defeated Kendall Windham Sting defeated the Giant via disqualification.
Career match against Jim Duggan on Saturday Night for the World Television Championship, which was done in order to explain Regal's release from the company.
This ultimately cost them the World Tag Team Championship as Regal unsuccessfully attempted to defend the titles with announcer Jonathan Coachman as Eugene's stand.
He has overcome multiple drug problems as well as a major heart defect during his career.For other uses, see."NWA Halloween Havoc Results (1989.World Wrestling Federation (19981999) edit Regal's initial appearance in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) was on the episode of Raw Is War in which he defeated Droz via submission with the Regal Stretch.Roddy Piper the Giant at Spring Stampede : The Ultimo Dragon Kaz Hayashi defeated Steve Scott Armstrong at 2:33 when Hayashi pinned Scott with a senton off the top; during the bout, Chavo Guerrero.73 McMahon awarded Punk another rematch, this time a no disqualification match on the 19 January online casino low playthrough episode of Raw, where Regal lost the title.Road Warriors: The Life and Death of Wrestling's Most Dominant Tag-Team (DVD).On, Regal made a brief appearance on stage during the 25th Anniversary episode of Raw.The History of Professional Wrestling Vol 2: WWF.

Via submission with the Crossface Chicken Wing at 7:42 as Chavo went to put Pepe back in the corner Booker T defeated Fit Finlay Barry Windham defeated Prince Iaukea Eddie Guerrero Juventud Guerrera defeated WCW Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman Rey Mysterio.
It was interrupted before Regal was even able to enter the ring by The Mexicools.
Was on 7 July against Matt Morgan in what was to be Morgan's final WWE match.