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Homemade card games ideas

10 Bridge A variation of Bridge, with elements of the Indian game 29, by Basudeo Agarwal.
Diamond A card game for 2-3 players from the Rinkworks Pips collection by Samuel and Jacob.
Spidge This game for 3 players, contributed by Chris Young, takes from Bridge the idea that one player (in this case the dealer) controls a dummy hand, and from Spades the permanent spade trump suit and the scores for Nils.
Clubs 1 Nothing to do with the suit clubs, but a trick-taking game in which you add the cards you win in tricks to your hand, where your aim is to form pairs, threes and fours of a kind (known as clubs).
Aardvark Game archive copy, a game for friends, created by James Quin, Adam Tilghman, Luke Weisman and Renée Sharp.The 24 cards are laid out face up in a row and players take turns to remove cards from one end, trying to collect combinations.Captain Jack A ship combat game by Alan Barrett.Multiple of Twelve A two-player game of rapid calculation, created by Jack Boettcher.Players build columns of cards and wipe out the opponent's columns.Empires A combat game by Daniel Caton, in which each player has a 52-card pack of soldiers (spades defenders (hearts spells (clubs) and resources (diamonds).Immunity A game by Don Smith in which players score by playing cards on opponents' layouts and try to achieve immunity in their own layouts to make it difficult for opponents to place cards there.Psychic War A War variation by Emily Goodlife.Exposure A two-player trick-taking card game by Matthew Shields, in which players can score bonus points by exposing combinations before the play.

Baseborn A game by Nick Bos in which player try to collect a flush by bidding for cards.
Pickle 1 A point-trick game with bidding for 2-5 players from the Rinkworks Pips collection by Samuel and Jacob.
Whiskey A three player trick taking game, with bids to win or to lose tricks, by Elliot Grant.
As well as a trump suit there is a suit that functions as a duplicate of whatever suit is led.Train Franciscus A game by Zachary Franciscus in which players play simultaneously, trying to get rid of their cards by adding them to piles according to certain rules.Uno from Hell An UNO variation, contributed by hodes.Clogs A trick-taking game with some unusual features, created by Paul Weekes and Blake Vernon Clone War A War variation by Ken keno payouts table qld Scherer Clubbed A two-player card game invented by Dave Cline and his daughter Kendall in which players try to force cards on their.Bastard A shedding game contributed by Daniel Manship, in which the cards played must be of alternate colours.