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How to get free money in tiny tower

how to get free money in tiny tower

Hire Bitizens for their pompeii slot game free Dream Jobs.
A slightly lower exchange rate comes from doing a quick sell of the most expensive item at a store, which you can only do if the store is not restocking.
Whenever a combo is available (i.e.
Upgrade Your Stores, upgrading your stores increases the maximum amount of stock that they can hold.The 25 bonus, plus the single destination gives a lot more profit.You can conver Tower Bux into coins using the Bank, which you can access from the menu.See how much profit you'll earn, go back and then try a different set top 10 casino bonuses of options for the best profit.As you can see, the very best exchange rate is from converting 50 Tower Bux at the Bank, but gathering 50 Tower Bux takes a long time.

Keep Your Stores in Stock, if your floors have all their tv bingo brantford items in stock, you can keep earning money while you are not playing the game.
Whenever a buck passenger / cargo is available - take.
When you reach the point to develop a class 2 aircraft, they can only fly to class 2 airports (blue red).
Develop better planes based on carrying more passengers, or the same passengers with a plane that has more speed / range.If you can accept a lower exchange rate, go with the Quick Sell method mentioned above.Best Method #2: Convert Tower Bux into Coins.Even if it means a loss.When filling up your plane, don't just pick the first ones available.Lower Your Stocking Fees with Skilled Bitizens.Upgrading airports seems to me to be best kept for poor airports (0.4 style airports so that when you have a few planes there, there are still jobs available.Regularly, coins and bucks fly across the screen to 'earn' by clicking them.