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How to play dinosaur king trading card game

24 Series 2 4th Edition Dinosaur King Cards 250.00.
Super Moves can only be used by Dinosaurs with the corresponding Element.
Dinosaur Data Edit Found on all Dinosaur and parking casino lac leamy Character cards, and some Move and Super Move cards, this line of italicized text at the bottom of the ability box gives the meaning of the Dinosaur's scientific name, followed by its approximate length (in either feet.
Special Dinosaurs can only be used in your deck if you're using the Character that goes with them.Buy It Now, free Shipping 7 watching 9 sold, view Details, upper Deck - 2009.Just like Elements, only a Dinosaur with a Rock-Paper-Scissors icon that matches the Super Move's icon can use them.Spectral Armor Shock and the special mini-release, power Pack are only available in French (and Thai for Spectral Armor Shock) versions.If a Super Move has both a Rock-Paper-Scissors icon and an Element icon, your Dinosaur must match both icons.Each player is restricted to having no more than 3 cards with any given name, including any different versions of a card (for instance, almost every booster deck included a new version of "Chomp but a player can still only use up to 3 "Chomp"s.Series 2 4th Edition Elemental Power Dinosaur King Card.00 Buy It Now or Best Offer Series 2 4th Edition Dinosaur King arcade cards Death Grind.Silver Rare cards have a shiny silvery surface printed over the image, name, Element/Team, type, and sometimes Power; they comprise of about a quarter of each booster set.Most packs contain exactly 1 foil card (Silver or Gold) with the rest Common, but if a pack includes a Colossal Rare, it replaces one of the Commons, meaning that the pack has both a Colossal and either a Silver or Gold Rare card.If your Mighty Diceratops loses a battle, you lose 2 Life Points.

These Dinosaurs are card versions of Chomp, Terry, and the other Dinosaurs used by the D-Team and the Alpha Gang.
Though there are 3 Spectral Armor Special Dinosaurs, there are many non-Special Dinosaur Spectral Armor Dinosaurs.
Life is directly related to Level: only chibi Special Dinosaurs have 0 life; all Level 1 and 2 Dinosaurs have 1 life; all Level 3 and 4 Dinosaurs have 2 life; all Level 5 and most Level 6 Dinosaurs have 3 life; all Black Dinosaurs.
Move Cards Edit When Dinosaurs battle, they can use Moves to make them stronger!
Contents show, availability, edit.Each Dinosaur you have in play can only attack once per turn, so choose your battles carefully.Sega Dinosaur King Japanese Kakushin 2nd Edition Spectral Armour Armatus Card.42.Series 2 4th Edition Skydive Dinosaur King Card.00, buy It Now or Best Offer.Type Edit Written on a tab underneath the image in the center.Special rare foil dinosaur king card.A series of 0 to 4 orange circles with black stars that determine how much damage a player takes when a Dinosaur is defeated.This is called you hand.Expand Your Game Edit This Starter Deck has lots of cool Dinosaurs and Moves, but if you really want to be the Dinosaur King, you've got to collect more cards!Dino Slash : Some card abilities, like Fukuisaurus ' Nature Link ability, let you Dino Slash Dinosaurs.