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You can use the nascar gambling Quick Pick option to generate numbers for you.
Always double check your tickets either on this page or in tv or on the internet on /results/pick-3/.
Positioned as a pioneer in world-class lottery technological solutions, ithubas promise of a range of games that will offer South African consumers with innovative and unique gaming will be a game changer changing the entire experience of the South African National Lottery.Numbers can repeat,.The liability limit for the pick 3 Game is R15,000,000.Max win: R 1,680, front Pair - match 2 numbers in the front - Example: if drawn numbers are 2-4-1, your first two numbers must be 2-4.You bet 123) - then there are 6 winning combinations (Pick 3 results) for you: 123, 132, 213, 231, 321, 312.How to play Pick 3, this game is very simple.Max win: R 10,000 3-way mix - when one of 3 numbers chosen by you is repeated (eg.Through its extended network of retailers, ithuba will provide consumers with improved choice and customer.Pick Probability Odds Straight.001 1 in 1000 3-Way mix.001 1 in 333 6-Way mix.006 1 in 167 Front pair.010 1 in 100 Split pair.010 1 in 100 Back pair.010 1 in 100 History of new Pick 3 lottery game.

Ithuba is led by a capable South African team with a depth of understanding of business and industry and has a track record of running South African enterprises.
Pick 3 Results are published 8:45 pm on ETV, right after on our site.
Max win: R 3,340 6-way mix - match 3 winning numbers not necessarily in exact order (but none of the numbers is repeated.
Split Pair - match 2 numbers - one in front and one in the end - Example: if results are 2-4-1, your first number must be 2 and last must.
However, there are six different ways to bet win!But Pick 3 players were eager to play and found somehow working retailers.In the first four draws players have won about R700,000.Bet amount, r3, r5, r10, r20, straight R1,500 R25,00 R5,000 R10,000 3-Way mix R501 R835 R1,670 R3,340 6-Way mix R252 R420 R840 R1,680 Front pair R150 R250 R500 R1,000 Split pair R150 R250 R500 R1,000 Back pair R150 R250 R500 R1,000 Pick 3 lottery rules.112) - then there are 3 winning combinations (drawn) for you: 112, 121, 211.Ithubas technological infrastructure is world-class and will enable unprecedented levels of safety in the lottery network.

The company has customers in 114 countries.