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Cloud Factory.
The first thing to be said is that the production, shared between Stewart and Mike Bradford, is outstanding.
Booze spills into the glass of Y'r Lungs too, a whimsical but poignant lost love snapshot that finds him on a Welsh hillside with a bottle of rum and memories of 'lungs, guns and tongues springing to mind'.Just read down the list of musical instruments that includes fiddle, tin whistles, uillean pipes, hurdy gurdy bodhran and you get a flavour of what is to come.It's hard to believe they've not covered any of these particular songs before, but, as Maddy and the gang would readily point out, that only shows just how much good material there is in the traditional domain still to be mined.There are a few tracks where the unusual combination of electric guitar, steel guitar and vibes imparts a kind of weird signature to Chris's music, but there's also a fair bit of variety when guests like Howe Gelb, Chuck Mead and Harvey Brooks add their.between which extremes we find Glagolitica, an intensely stirring, busy adaptation of fragments of Janáèek's Glagolitic Mass, sung in Old Slavonic and for all the world sounding just like you'd imagine an invading army of Visigoths!M David Kidman August 2008 Jan Pete Shevlin - Better Late (Own Label) Oldham-based Jan and Pete have a long history of singing in and around Manchester, initially as individuals and latterly both as a duo and in various groups.The variety of material and instrumental timbres on ready display throughout this CD provide ample proof that a whole disc of music played by four kings casino a skilled musician who happens to be known primarily as a harper can be every bit as vital and interesting.Todd writes the songs - apart from a couple of covers, including Magic Sam's ' optus com au bonus offer Look Wacha Done ' - plays guitar and sings, and clearly wants to be Gary Moore.And it's a stature that goes beyond simply being a culturally aware folkie.And the album's one cover (Barbara Keith's Detroit Or Buffalo though capably managed by Amanda and the team, doesn't seem to quite fit with the rest of the material.Steve's songs always strike a responsive chord, either by making us punch the air madly in strong and healthy agreement or by reaching deep within us for their emotional resonance; daily numbers lottery massachusetts Witness contains some splendid examples of both, and the whole album just has.

I'm not sure if she's making any point or simply approaching nostalgia from both sides of the border, but either way the Mariachi cabaret La Cantina el Gato Negro, a jazzy Lonely Planet and the lurching tango beats of Match Burns Twice sit solidly alongside.
He's a very gifted musician indeed, but an unassuming one who will humbly resist the limelight and let others take the principal weight of the musical argument at any appropriate opportunity.
But perhaps the finest pairing of gruesome tale with strangely sweet melody comes on the murder ballad Cruel Knife.The musical style of the first of the two CDs is more rock than roots and we can probably attribute this to the songwriting of one Thomas Erb, not a member of the band.The CD's a genuine "cottage recording with a wonderfully close, intimate atmosphere that allows for full listener involvement with Rosie's tremendous performances.It was originally released (under the title of Sixteen Years) on limited-run cassette only, on the obscure local label River Tracks (subsequently it came out on Copper Creek in 1995).Two of the songs appeared on Naomi's debut album Flying Through 2002, five more are drawn from her sophomore set Hypnotising 2004 and there's a pair from the aforementioned duo album.I suspect not, for you'll already be headin' off to buy a copy of this.

This is a bit out of place on this album but it's pleasant enough.