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On January 27, 1973the day the Vietnam cease-fire was announcedthe administration stopped the draft, six months before the draft law was to expire on casino live game card July 1, 1973.
He could continue in school and be deferred until he was over 26, too old to be drafted.
Following my graduation in January 1970, with a degree in journalism, I was destined to go into the Navy.
Stimson drew the first number and handed it win some money just lost one lyrics directly to the president, Franklin.Following massive antiwar protest marches in Washington in October and November 1969, Congress had approved the move to a lottery system, and Nixon signed the new law on November.He was satirized at peace rallies by a street performer who called himself General Hersheybar, dressed in bogus military regalia with a toy fighter jet dangling from his cap.Nixon hoped the lottery would at least restore the perception of fairness to the draft process and reduce campus protests by essentially casino style games online eliminating draft vulnerability for students with the highest numbers.Every male aged 19 to 26, whose draft status had not already been resolved, had a stake in the outcome, as it would determine the order in which men born between 19 were called to report for induction in 1970.The latest Powerball winning numbers for Saturday, December 8th are, Powerball: 10, Power Play:.Wednesday's drawing again didn't yield a jackpot winner, but three 1 million tickets were purchased nationally.The winning numbers are:, mega Ball: 1, megaplier:.The last second-prize, 1 million ticket sold in New Jersey was on July.The lottery, and other draft law revisions, were viewed by President Richard Nixon as a way to take some steam out of the student-led protests sweeping the nation, such as this one in Washington.366, was June.This drawing comes one night after a, mega Millions drawing worth 290 million.

Seeing my friends getting further involved in the drug of the day did little to impress me, but I was moved by the calm confidence of these returning vets, only 3-4 years older than.
For all its life-changing, big-moment drama, as theater the drawing for the 1970 draft was a low-budget affair, staged on a nondescript set with an odd assortment of office furnishings pushed together.
Fowler, representing the District of Columbia, stepped up to the microphone and said he had been notified not to draw and walked out.
Twenty-nine years ago, for instance, Secretary of War Harry Stimson was blindfolded with a swatch of upholstery that had been clipped from one of the chairs used in the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
Someone brought a six pack of beer that was to be awarded the winner,.e.The good news was that most mens uncertainty over their draft status would be shortened.And so it went.The last date drawn in the 1970 lottery,.Although Hershey had recently been reassigned from his post at the Selective Service, he was allowed to remain on the job long enough to preside at the first drawing of the revived lottery.The last draft lottery was on December 7, 1972.

But mentally he was never the samehe simply stopped writing and disappeared.
Mayberry RFD to pick up a live feed from Washington correspondent Roger Mudd at the Selective Service headquarters.