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She also used her intimate knowledge of radium for the war effort by introducing radon therapy to France.
Most would be able to respond with Curies name, although they might not be able to identify her field or her contribution to itand might not be able to come up with the names of any other women scientists.
She discovered that: Uranium rays electrically charge the air they pass through.
By the summer of 1898 Maries husband Pierre had become as excited about her discoveries as Marie herself.
They also detected the presence of another radioactive material in the pitchblende, and called that radium.If pressed, they could probably come up with the names of other male scientists whose work had a profound impact on the worldperhaps including Nicolaus Copernicus, Gregor Mendel, Charles Darwin.She championed the use of portable X-ray machines in the field, and these medical vehicles earned the nickname "Little Curies." After the war, Curie used her celebrity to advance her research.Some biographers, for example, choose to ignore the fact that Marie and Pierre Curie, as well as Pierres brother, Jacques, all attended best online slots 7 free séances conducted by the self-styled medium Eusapia Palladino, an Italian spiritualist who claimed, among other things, that she could communicate with the dead.

The Curies efforts at the very end of the nineteenth-century opened the door to a new understanding of the structure of the atomat the time a concept still rejected by some scientists and still believed by many others to be the smallest building block.
Later the same year, they found out yet another element that they named radium.
There was instant chemistry between the two as they shared a common passion for science.Additionally, there are several works of art, books, biographies, films and plays that give an account about her life and work.Continue Reading Below, for most of the later years, she travelled to different countries to raise funds for research on radium.Nobel Prize diploma in chemistry, 1911 Source:.Marie what is the best online casino xanthi detected this using an electrometer Pierre and his brother had invented.Pierre was also an expert in magnetism: he discovered the effect now called the.He reported this discovery to the French Academy of Sciences in February 1896, but he did not follow up on it, and few scientists paid much attention.By this time, they had a one-year old daughter Irene.