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Math card games

After the cards are turned up, the player whose turn it is gets to say which operation, ).
As my students learn their math facts, they need extra practice on the hard-to-remember ones like.
The next hand is played normally, with no cards turned down, and the winner of that skirmish takes the center pile as well.
Set Up, you will need several decks of math cards.
Check out this post for a booklet on math games with a pair of dice!Logs and Trig War Jim extended Kates logarithm war to include trig functions.Reverse Wild War, players turn up three cards (or four, or five) and may do whatever math manipulation they wish with the numbers.Rescued from my old blog.Subtraction War, players turn up two cards and subtract the smaller number from the larger.Or shuffle the prisoner piles and play on until someone collects such a huge pile of cards that the others concede.

Hat tips: Marni suggested the Mult-Digit variation in the comments section below, but I didnt think to add it as an update until Mary from the Albany Area free grant money for small business start up Math Circle suggested the Multi-Digit Product War variation in a comment on another post.
Update, multi-Digit War, turn up two or three cards and create a 2-digit or 3-digit number.
Math War Trumps Players alternate choosing trump for the math card battles.We dont shuffle the decks together at the beginning, although I suppose you couldthat would be more like the traditional game, which (at least in our house) is usually played with a single deck shuffled and split between the players.Be sure to visit PEPs website for other great resources and spread the word!For earn money playing free games 360 advanced games, however, the battle pattern is different: in case of a tie, the cards are placed in a center pile.A math deck contains 40 cards, so a single game.Chris posted a set of printable target cards at her blog.Make one deck of math cards per player.I modified the game for regular playing cards: Fraction Game: My Closest Neighbor.Whenever there is a tie for greatest card, all the players battle: each player lays three cards face down, then a new card face.