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Boyer, Brandon (April 13, 2007).
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House siding with.
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Fallout: New Vegas Project Director Releases Personal Mod, The Escapist, December 30, 2011.Pearson, Craig (October 19, 2010).Fallout: New Vegas, in keeping with its predecessor.Each station has a set track list which repeats randomly.Retrieved November 19, 2010."Fallout: NV Lonesome Road delayed News - - Page 1 t".The game proceeds according to the Courier's decisions and involves many different events, factions, and characters.The NCR wins the battle and annexes New Vegas and the entire Mojave Wasteland.Orry, Tom (April 22, 2008).A b "Fallout: New Vegas Review".Along with the three main factions, the region also has a number of minor factions which include: Boomers a tribe of heavily armed former Vault dwellers who have taken shelter at Nellis Air Force Base ; Powder Gangers a violent group of escaped convicts; Great.House's Securitrons) and take over Hoover Dam for themselves.

Retrieved November 14, 2010.
The game concludes with a narrated slideshow showing and explaining the results of the Courier's actions, the battle for Hoover Dam deciding the faction that comes to power over New Vegas and the Mojave, and the fates of the various other factions based on how.
Depending on the faction sided with up to the battle, the Courier will either destroy the Dam so no faction can claim it, conquer it for Caesar's Legion, defend it for the NCR or connect the dam's systems to House's network so either."Fallout: New Vegas for Xbox 360 Reviews".Rybicki, Joe (July 1, 2007).A b c d e Yin-Poole, Wesley (November 25, 2010).Crafting can be done at workbenches, reloading benches, and campfires, and requires specific components as well as a sufficient skill level; for instance, cooking food at campfires requires the player to have a sufficient Survival skill level to.3 The Courier embarks on a journey across the Mojave Wasteland to locate and confront Benny and get the platinum chip.