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Ohio lottery super lotto

ohio lottery super lotto

(1) The director shall conduct game rule number fifty-three in a manner consistent with the Lottery Act, the rules of the commission, including without limitation this rule, and the regulations of the director.
The ticket is worth 261.6 million (annuity).
Had its final drawing.
(5) For the purpose of determining the number of winning wagers, division of the jackpot is contingent on list of super bowl prop bets printable the on-line gaming computer systems determination of winning wagers sold, and not by the number of winning tickets presented for payment.
Classic Lotto edit On January 22, 2007, Classic Lotto 6/49 began; it replaced Lot 'O Play, a bingo-style game.(2) Names and definitions of elements of game rule number fifty-three used in this rule are considered generic terms used solely for the purpose of this rule.(G) Validity of tickets.As dictated by the interest rate set by the treasurer of state, the lottery transfers to the deferred prize trust fund an amount of cash determined by the director which equals the present value of the gross prize award won in a drawing to supply.Based upon the numbers drawn in each regular drawing for game rule number fifty-three, prizes shall be awarded to holders of valid tickets for that drawing as follows: (1) For each ticket bearing a selection which matches three, and only three, of the six integers.Pick 5 edit, on casino tassin August 12, 2012, Pick 5 was added; it is played twice daily in conjunction with the other "numbers" games.(I) Directors conduct of game rule number fifty-three.

Edit Ohio added a twice-daily game on August 5, 2007, called Ten-OH!, which was a Keno -like game; the first Ohio Lottery game in which the drawings were computerized.
The add-on game The Kicker (see above) was "transferred" from Super Lotto Plus to Mega Millions in 2005; Ohio ended The Kicker when the Megaplier (which began as a Texas -only option) was available to Ohio players of Mega Millions in 2011.
Lot O'Play's last drawing was on January 20, 2007, after which it was replaced by Classic Lotto.
(A) Title and term.
(1) Because the advertised Classic Lotto jackpot is payable over thirty years, jackpot prizes from game rule number fifty-three are payable in thirty annual installment payments, less the appropriately withheld state and federal income taxes or other withholdings as required by law.Keno to Go was added on April 9, 2012, which allows players to buy tickets at any Ohio Lottery retailer.Pick 4 edit, on April 9, 1981, Pick 4 was added; it began as a once-a-week game, gradually expanding to twice-daily and Sunday draws as well.(4) In addition to, but not in limitation of, all other power and authority conferred on the director by the commissions rules, the director may declare a ticket in game rule number fifty-three void if it is stolen, not sold or deemed not sold.Holders of valid winning tickets for a given drawing bearing the numbers drawn in that drawing, in whole or in part, shall be entitled to a prize award in accordance with this rule.Commencing with the date of presentment of a valid winning grand prize jackpot ticket, and for sixty calendar days thereafter, claimants may choose the cash option value instead of thirty annual installment payments.