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Persona 5 casino boss

He is strong, and his Personas abilities are very helpful.
It resists Psy and repels Curse.
So, essentially, the Essence of Fishing book does two things, with the first being that you can use the Third Eye to fedex tour championship payout see the silhouettes of the fish.You may notice the red-screened terminal near the slots, you will want to investigate now so you can remember its location for later.The good thing about the roulette wheel spinning is that Sae wont attack, so you will have time to heal and buff your characters.Walk out of the chest room and go straight to find the.

He will drop a bunch.
In order to see properly, use Third Eye.
You will finally be at the end.
November 18th Your team will send out the calling card today automatically, but before that, the teacher will ask you a question during class, with the correct answer being "The summit.
Take him with you.The red terminal is also very easy to find.You need 50,000 coins before you can buy the next floors card.Approach the counter of the high limit floor to gain some more coins and a map.There are two different phases in this boss fight: The first phase of this fight has you playing some roulette.Sae is also prone to buffing herself with Tarukaja, which you want to counter right away with Tarunda, as her attacks dont need to be any stronger.Go through the vent.Continue along the path and head up the stairs.From here, head up the left stairs and observe the middle wall.