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They are sweet, and loveable Some can be uncontrolable Babies are so precious So treasure them well!
Dear Middle Child: I've always loved you best because you drew a tough spot in the family, and it made you stronger for.
You were the original model for a mom who was trying to work the bugs out.I love these quiet hours so much and cherish every one store memories up inside my heart for lonely nights to come.And no one's here to see.You are the one I held onto so tightly.You were the genesis of a marriage and the fulfilment of young love.You were the one I relaxed with, and realized a dog could kiss you and you wouldn't get sick.But it only made you special.Gigantic forms murmur and coo As you pass day one.

Where there's no pain and noone is crying.
Satisfied, you close your eyes.
Love, Julie Fredde, draven, with eyes that twinkle, twinkle so blue.
Author Unknown - I would write a poem of baby, But there are no words that I know No notes to this music that sings softly in my heart for my little one - Kristina Stein - "Babies" By: Tonya Civiello I have.So you've chosen the month of August, to us that is just as well, take all the time you need, we can't wait to hear you yell.So love them dearly And you will be so cheery.If you have a sibling love them well, They also will love you too.You were the beginning.Author unknown - niece Will you bring us happiness?V * lotto results history 2017 * Just promise me, baby * * * you'll come back here.Time for quiet hours like this with him cuddled in my arms where I wish he'd always stay protected safe and warm.Lazily you kick An imaginary balloon.You were the child of my busy, ambitious years, and without you, I would not have survived the job changes and the tedium and routine that is marriage.

You look at me, I look at you.
Ginger Lee - Author: Unknown Submitted by: kaiser.