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Poker face bass cover

Good for Stray Cats style rockabily to outright rock and roll.
I got them home and powered.
In 2004, he featured on "Freak Out debut album entitled of the Italian rock singer Chris Catena contributing in two songs : "Desire" with Chris Catena on vocals, Stephen Ferrone on drums, Bernie Marsden on guitars, Al Kooper on keyboards and in "Gimme your love" with.
I drive mine with a TS-9 Tubescreamer into a Marshall Guv'Nor (original issue) and through a Boss DD-3 delay.November 2001 Rating Overall this is one hell of an amp, like I said before it blows any 100 watt Marshall away.It seems incredibly more of a tonnally versatile amp than some would like to claim, though.19781997: Duran Duran and Power Station edit, in 1978, Taylor and school friend Nick Rhodes formed Duran Duran with Stephen Duffy while attending the School of Foundation Studies Experimental Workshop Birmingham Polytechnic (now Birmingham City University ).On 24 December 1991, Taylor married 19-year-old Amanda de Cadenet, who was already pregnant with his daughter Atlanta (born ).I was looking for a more Marshally tone so I modded mine - cascaded the channels so I have one channel stock (two 12Ax7 preamp stages) and one which has three 12AX7 stages configured similar to some of the later Marshall amps.9 "Down Home Town" begins with the chorus of "Waterfall" played backwards.Mine sounds OK but I'd like a little more drive, and maybe better reverb.He remixed the song, "Like a Hard Rain" for Japanese artist Nanase Aikawa, and played on two songs for the Japanese band Slut Banks.Initially, an abbreviated version was offered to iTunes, but the physical album arrived in shops in March 2011.I find YSR-1 tone to be very tight, compressed, and slightly sterile (which is good with effects).

They look rather used but not trashed.
Sounds good for clean sounds This is the best clean sounding amp I've had One of the best values available in a vintage tube amp.
I drive this amp with a quality older 12AX7-driver stomp-box and this thing just sings with sweet rich compressed distortion.
John Taylor Terroristen did more touring in Japan, Germany, and the United States.It's not that flexible but it's a good clean amp - not as good as an old Fender though.This means that with the basstreble turned to 0 and 'verb to 10, ALL you hear is the tank, *zero* dry signal.I got in my car the next day with 350 in hand and headed to Pennsylvania to buy.The amp begins to warm up around with the volume at 2-3.19962001: Solo music career; lucky lady charm slot 2012present: Author edit In 1996, Taylor co-founded the independent record label B5 Records in California with producer Hein Hoven.The tremolo is kind of a cool novelty.