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Poker hand reading exercises

poker hand reading exercises

In either event, it seems unlikely that he can stand a big check-raise.
This article originally appeared in Two Plus Two Magazine.
But it is hardly essential to making good decisions against all but the most sophisticated players.
You think he would fold K8 or K9 pre-flop and re-raise AA and KK, so you are only worried about 88, 99, and.
The third and final key assumption is that your opponent will not chase a draw with blatantly bad odds.Hand Import - 12/5/18 15/30, pot: 1,492 11/27/18 250/500, pot: 8,911, hero should: Call (Check) (Re)Raise All-In Fold, hero should: Call (Check) (Re)Raise All-In Fold, hand Import, a straight, nine to king wins over three of a kind, nines qt and a pair of sevens.From these, I derive a simplified method for determining, if not his exact hand, at least the approximate strength of his hand, which is often all that you need to make your decision.In the second example, we didnt even know which category of hand he had.11/27/18 1/2, pot: 442.60 11/27/18 500/1,000.Right now, it seems like he probably does not have a monster, or else he would have re-raised.

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Remember that we were putting him on a showdown hand, with an outside chance of a draw or a slowplayed monster.
Not to mention that there are now quite a few draws out there that he needs to think about.
The former is now a straight, whereas the latter has turned second pair and is now a showdown hand.
Improve your hand reading skills by browsing the poker hand below: ravens lottery numbers 1-10 showing.Donovan Panone, hand Reading, in this poker lesson well detail the most common betting patterns youll see in poker games and well provide some strategies for reading players better.This is an awfully unlikely time to slowplay.Although these are broad categories, they can give you a lot of guidance with regard to how to play your hand.It might be reasonable for him to bet a worse King for value, but you think he would make a smaller bet if he were doing.You call with 98 suited.Using some incomprehensible sixth sense, the best poker players in the world decipher their opponents hidden cards and make mind-boggling bluffs and calls as a result.There is no clear standard for what a thin value bet is, but the more timid your opponent, the more effective this hand-reading technique will.