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Poker theme party ideas

poker theme party ideas

Cotton Club / Ragtime Band.
You could serve spaghetti and meatballs or order in Chinese.
Teach your guests the Charleston.You will have to make the bundles the day of the party because the bracelets will start glowing when you wrap them around the silverware, but they will look awesome!Send your guests home with numbers drawn most in lottery a personalized candy bar, a sweet souvenir of your 80's night.80's Cutouts - Love these for that instant 80's ambiance on the walls.July 3, 2015June 3, 2015, sarahCameron, special ideas food, guests, invitations, list, theme, venue.People would practice long hours doing the Charleston, Lindy Hop and the Black Bottom to get a chance to compete.

It's an 80's Theme Party, be There or Be Square!
October 9, 2014December 21, 2014.
As they enter into maturity they need items that will prepare them to be a woman, so when looking for a present to help them with their new life February 1, 2015December 21, 2014 SarahCameron Gifts Ideas drinking, gifts, guys, party, presents, sporty, technology Turning.
If you have a girlfriend celebrating her big twenty-one and only have two weeks left with our great ideas, you can make it more special for her.You can attach the balloons to old cassette tapes to weigh them down, pile them together and you have a fantastic centerpiece or buffet decoration!Each of amaretto, triple sec, Southern Comfort, sloe gin; splash of orange juice; dash of lime juice.Here are our favorites - 80's Swirl Danglers - These easy to hang ceiling swirls will bring color and a bit of the arcade vibe to the party!Another fun idea is an 80's candy buffet!Why not design your own invitations?Here are some fun 80's candies to include - ET's Reese's Pieces Sloth's Baby Ruth (Fun Sized) Stay Puft Marshmallow Man marshmallows Pop Rocks Big League Chew Nerds Fun Dip Twizzlers We also have custom 80's theme favor bags that you can set on the.