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The social tools created for the craps live casino game raise the hold'em poker experience to new levels of fun!
Its the best-looking Texas Hold 'Em poker game on the iPad.
Acquire or purchase gifts and give them to your friends, or to that mysterious lady or guy on the other side of the table.
multi-player: Play against your friends or against thousands of other players on Facebook * Create your own table for others to play at, or make it private for just you and your friends * Real time Chat with other players at the table.
This makes the initial login experience more intuitive and streamlined.The premiere Texas Hold'Em Poker game, made in Texas, invites you to experience better graphics, smoother gameplay, and friendlier chat now!We updated the link to contact support (m).Chatting with others at your table is simple.free chips in the Daily Lottery, from Achievements, or purchase even more * Log in via Facebook to connect and play with your real world friends in real time!Port Casino Poker is true real time multiplayer poker with up to nine people at a table.

Try it today for free!
A Facebook account is required to play Port Casino Poker.
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