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Even Apple's Service Source mentions HOW to remove it but I can't locate it in their schematic.
There are A LOT of people on there that have been having problems.
(added 10/17/2006) "Power Mac dual.3GHz,.5GB Ram I also, have had problems with intermittent shutdowns.Still, on Tiger it runs slightly faster: Tiger (.4.11?If not, then it's my first bad Apple.3) In addition to the shutdowns when launching iTunes, the shutdowns also seem to be associated with mouse clicks.Apple has been less than forthcoming in even recognizing the problem.I took out the logic board, power supply and cleaned everything with a dust can.Instead, they told me it was a bad video board.AppleCare had me reset the pram, and ultimately do an erase and install of the.Well, it is under warranty.I tried everything, a new PSU.
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At first I didn't notice, because the other devices plugged into the powerstrip were operating.
If it doesn't work, then the problem may be internal power distribution.
(Was also hoping the replacement (a later rev) telecharger everest poker wouldn't have the chirping/squealing but it did.(And higher temperatures could dota 2 roulette cause a thermal shutdown)-Mike ) Power Supply in this systems sits right bellow CPU/Cooling System so the smallest drop could cause the shutdown or even worse.Of course, it wouldn't shutdown at all when I had the machine at the Apple Store.What was different about my home environment?The drive just falls back to sata I mode if the interface isn't sata.