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Slot loading dvd drive for desktop

And for those not familiar with slot loading drives, it is a drive that doesn't have a tray, it just "sucks" in the DVD when loaded in the mouth.
Actually, now that I think about it, i would have to remove the flip down portion on the MSI front panel for this to work properly.
Not pretty, but doable.
Error Correction Function: Support, type: DVD Burner, recording Format: CD-RW.
I just finished spec'ing out a computer build that nearly required a slim optical drive.But mounting a slim drive in a full-height.25" bay should be doable.I can get an the jackpot adapter circuit board that'll let me hook it to my regular IDE cables, and power it through the floppy power connector.The optical drive itself won't come with one (unless you're buying a retail version instead of an OEM drive).Ideally, this is what I want for my setup because it just looks better.I've sort of decided on the new Samsung slot loader.I really prefer slot loading drives, but it seems that nobody makes them anymore except for external USB drives, laptops, and MACs.Frankly, I'm not a fan of slot loaders at all, so there's not one I can particularly recommend.If someone can point out a full sized internal IDE or sata DVD burner that's slot loading (and still available that'd be great, but I've about given up on that.If someone can point out a full sized internal IDE or sata DVD burner that's slot.I suppose I could get a tap and die set and put tap some screw holes into the sides, and hide the gaps behind a cut bay cover, but I'd like prefer to use an off-the-shelf solution rather than drilling and dremelling stuff).

I don't know of a mounting bracket offhand, which is what you'd really want, but I expect you'll be able to juryrig something if you can't find an existing product.
Digistor company that provides bezel kits (including single-slimline and dual-slimline mounts) and.25" sata slot-loading drive (available in DVD-RW and Blu-Ray varieties).
What I can't figure out is how to mount it into a drive bay.
Anyone know of any or is there a laptop to desktop enclosure?It's a laptop DVD drive replacement that uses a micro IDE connection.Discussion 'T14:51:20-08:00' moment fromNow' been searching newegg and can't find any Desktop DVD drives or burners that have a slot load interface.Update: Thanks to Molly's answer, I found the.There aren't any screw holes in the housing, at least not on the sides and all of the laptop DVD drives are half height, leaving a gap in the bay even if I could mount.What I'm looking for I guess could be called a desktop mounting adapter or mounting bracket for it, but I've not sure of the proper name to ask for at the store.I can live with it only being an 8x drive and getting it to actually work isn't a problem.