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In 1904, the company had expanded their production to include pin-type dry process insulators, but no specimens have been attributed to this company.
East Liverpool, OH Company was incorporated on September 6, 1901,.
The 1921 EMF Electrical Year Book said the company manufactured electrical porcelain specialties, tubes, cleats and was established in 1895, which refers to the Brunt Thompson company.
Other stockholders were.
For instance, their 1918 catalog lists no less than nine "hat-shaped double-petticoat, distribution insulators, some of which differed from others only because of a slightly different radius of the crown or some such factor.4777 Explosives Distributors Drivers.The plant was started in 1921 and was totally destroyed by fire on April 20, 1928, causing a loss of over 100,000, and throwing out of employment 130 employes.The business grew rapidly and was in need of more capital for expanding the plant and purchasing equipment.Joseph sold his one-eighth undivided interest in the company to Robert Hemingray about a year later and returned to Kansas.4038 Dress Form Mfg.

4825 Licorice Extract Mfg.
5222 Concrete Construction in Connection With Bridges or Culverts 5222 Smokestack or Chimney LiningNot Metal 5223 Swimming PoolConstructionNot Iron or Steel Drivers 5348 Ceramic Tile, Indoor Stone, Marble, or Mosaic Work 5402 Greenhouse ErectionAll Operations 5402 Hothouse ErectionAll Operations 5403 CarpentryConstruction of Residential Dwellings Exceeding.
Slater Lewis and his investors "To purchase the letters patent of Joseph Slater Lewis, of Birkenhead, for improvements in or relating to insulating apparatus for overhead telegraph lines and other wires for carrying electric currents." This statement was in the April 28, roulette gay cam 1883 issue.The supermarket is located in an Open-air center comprised of three buildings that span five city blocks in East Queens, with 600 parking spaces.These potters were William, Anthony, and Francis Victor Boch and named the pottery William Boch and Brothers.4597 poker machine odds Ink (Writing Mucilage or Paste Mfg.They made glass insulators and sold various electrical equipment such as circuit breakers, switches, pole hardware, wire, etc.Store has done very well over the years.To recognize their brothers, Anthony Gray and Samuel.