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Star wars duels card game

A game by award-winning designer Eric.
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: A New Hope, star Wars : The Card Game offers a straightforward and accessible play experience.
Overview: Star Wars: The Card Game is a two player, Living Card Game from Fantasy Flight. .
The characters, starships, and situations of the original.This model also presents a compelling new deck-building challenge for veteran card players.While the light side player races to make tactical strikes against dark side objectives, the dark side player works to reinforce his position of command.The Future You See Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.Costs, get it by Tue, Dec 4 - Thu, Dec 13 from Suffern, New York.Classic game of war with Star Wars twist.The trilogy is also full of daring tactical maneuvers and cunning ploys to buy the heroes just enough time for their plans to come together.Placing a focus token on a card indicates that it has been committed to a specific activity or course of action.Choosing your faction can determine which other objectives you use in your deck, since at least one casino games for free online resource from that faction must be used to build the respective unit.This station is now the ultimate power in the universe.However, although Light Sides victory may seem assured, it can be much more difficult, as the Light Side must take a very quick, offensive approach to ensure victory before the Death Star reaches.However, destroying an opponents objective requires getting sufficient firepower past Imperial defenses.

Basic strategy aside, Star Wars: The Card Game is incredibly fun. .
Faster deck-building and truly awesome legends thats the idea behind the new deck-building model of Star Wars : The Card Game!
With a cast of unscrupulous characters like Boba Fett, a host of enhancements, and tricky tactics, this affiliation proves its worth every credit.
Meanwhile, it pays to carry some tricks up your sleeve (or hidden in your armor and events represent the unexpected developments of the battlefield daring maneuvers, special powers, disasters, traps, and other sudden effects.
The edge battles of Star Wars : The Card Game ensure that no cards in a players hand are ever without value.They make good use of their training, their Jedi mind tricks, and their finely-crafted lightsabers.I expect to be well paid.Blast damage: When it strikes, an attacking unit may deal one point of damage per blast damage icon to the attacked objective.Admiral Motti, Star Wars: A New Hope, the Imperial fleet sifts through the galaxy for signs of the Rebel Alliances hidden base, hoping to obliterate it with one powerful blast from their newly constructed Death Star.To play cards, players must spend the resources they generate by placing focus tokens on their ready affiliation cards and objectives.

Each objective set includes six cards: one objective and five corresponding cards that go into a players command deck.
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When the balance of the Force tilts in favor of the light side, the light side player may deal one damage to a dark side objective on each of his turns.