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The big gamble book

'Know what it is?' Bonnell asked.
Hewitt was Clayton Istee's new boss.
Conditions would make extracting the victim and searching for evidence time-consuming and tedious.
'Burned flesh Clayton answered.He plodded toward Bonnell in the squeaky rubber boots.'I'd say the point of origin for the blaze was the sleeping bag under the victim, probably started by a spark or a cigarette.The sound of a siren made him glance down the highway in the direction of Carrizozo.Bonnell pointed at a firefighter coiling hose at the back of the pumper truck.

Flames licked through the boarded-up side doorway and the long opening at the front of the structure, which had once served as a counter for baskets of apples and jugs of freshly pressed cider.
'You're gonna need them.
'There's your crispy critter he said.Bonnell froze the beam of his flashlight on what appeared to be a pile of burned rags under a window.'Have Dawson make a visual inspection from the doorway Clayton said.Three months ago, after five years with the Mescalero Tribal Police, big fish casino game cheats Clayton had accepted the sheriff's long-standing job offer.As Kerney chases down clues that raise questions about the legitimacy of a highly regarded modeling and talent agency, Clayton works to discover the identity of a murder suspect alleged to have ties to prostitution and illegal gambling.'Shorty Dawson will be more than willing to declare the victim dead.'.

Mud, debris, and charred pieces of the roof filled the enclosure, a lot of it covering the body.