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Underground poker atlanta

Yet, I keep my ear close to the ground about where the best games in the area may be located next.
I will also attempt to include some fun underground stories to fill in the article.
Shannon The Mouth saw a guy get pistol whipped and have his head cracked open, something that Shannon describes as freaky.
Buy-ins started at 200 and the operation reportedly made in the five-figure range each night.
For obvious reasons, I cant touch on the location of these clubs.Games sometimes dont get off.However, as a disclaimer, I would be doing this article a disservice if I didnt touch on raids, police, and robberies.With that said, see you on the felt!Therefore, preflop straddles and re-straddles abound.As youll see in the video, some of the players talk about being in games that were robbed at gunpoint.At times, the house will sit in on games and, fortunately for the game, they tend to be on the weaker side of the poker playing spectrum.Who doesnt like free food?Once a game was set up, she provided giant bonus card luray caverns all the invited players with a password that would allow them entrance into the game.

With the help of accomplice David Diaz, Singh led the Greenwich Village poker games, which ran every night from.m.
All in all, youd be much safer playing online at home, but you wouldnt have half the fun that these guys are).
This poker scene, at times difficult to find, isnt all bad.Location, Location, Location, weve all heard the phrase that location is everything.These are some of the pros and cons of the underground scene.With that in mind, Underground Poker has two major faults: Rake is highsometimes absurdly high, if you arent careful or attentive concerning rake, you can get raked up to 10 no cap.Unfortunately, if this is your bread and butter game, you will either have to find another game or be out of action for the time being.Other players, some of which are fellow coaches on this site, call them Fantasy Hands, as they are so ridiculous that they may not apply elsewhere but are fun to read and analyze nonetheless.