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unlock expert roulette

It's the how to make money in google play same as always: cap on tomes for the week and get your gear to be able to do the next raid.
By "unlocking" I mean that you'll be able to do this content without a premade party.
When far enough in the story, we can also unlock the level 70 dungeon, the Drowned City of Skalla, for ilvl 315 gear.
At close gala bingo account 350, you will unlock.0 and.0.
You can repeat this to gear up and get coins to upgrade your lost Allagan gear.From here, it's just doing daily things and getting geared.A coin is awarded from the new raid that upgrades Lost Allagan gear to ilvl 340.Once you hit ilvl 320 you'll be able to.0,.0, Shinryuu Extreme, and the normal version of the new Rathalos directions to casino rama orillia collaboration trial (The great hunt).Placeholder FOR.4: farm mendacity for item level 360, upgrade mendacity gear.At item level 345, you'll be able to do Sigmascape.0 (Savage).At this item level you'll be able to do: Byakko Extreme.Your level 70 dungeons (Drowned City Of Skalla, Fractal Continuum (Hard Temple of the Fist, and Kugane Castle).Early post-Stormblood, we can do our level 70 dungeons to bring our item level up to 300.You can also go to any Deltascape raid rather than having to go from bottom to top.Once you hit ilvl 310 or above, you have the option of doing Susano and Lakshmi Extreme for gear, mounts, and other things.This is a viable alternative if you do not wish to do Savage raids for the items to augment the armor.

You need a minimum of ilvl 315 to.0.
You'll also have to clear in numerical order if you want the loot from every raid.
You will also unlock The Swallow's Compass dungeon once completing the preliminary quests and meeting the minimum item level of 330.
Continue getting your loot from raids and farming creation mendacity tomes.
At item level 335 and upon completing the preliminary steps, you can unlock The Ridorana Lighthouse alliance raid.Alphascape.0 - Average item level 380 or above.At 350 you can also do The Great Hunt (Extreme which pits you against Rathalos.If you clear Deltascape.0 (Savage) you'll be able to unlock the new Ultimate Bahamut raids released.11.Shinryuu Extreme, the Royal City of Rabanastre (alliance raid).Make sure everyone hasn't cleared for the week before clearing the raid to get two chests.I'll start off with the most important things you should do, then where to go from there: After finishing your MSQ you'll get several quests.I don't recommend doing Deltascape for gear since it's an obsolete raid tier now and creation tomes are in generous amounts.Now we just farm Mendacity tomes and Sigmascape datalogs for gear.