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What is the payout for pick 3

In this instance, the plus fireball number 2 would replace the first digit of the winning numbers drawn to create a winning plus fireball combination.
(1) Prize drawings shall be open to the public and may be held at such places in online gambling stocks illinois the state that the director shall determine.
When you select plus fireball, this will apply to all games (boards) on a play slip, including advance plays.
Drawings shall be held at times determined by the director.
(f) A two-digit number, specified by the purchaser, to match in exact order the first one-digit number selected and the third one-digit number selected in the applicable drawing, hereinafter referred to as split pair bet.(3) On selected days multiple drawings may be conducted.(3) All tickets in game number twenty are subject to validation under procedures to be established by the director before the payment of any prize thereon.Straight, match any number from in exact order.(A) Title and term.How can I purchase a subscription for Pick 3?

If you have an Apple iPhone, the app can be downloaded from the iTunes store.
Check out below to see how plus fireball can work for you!
Yes, you can purchase a Pick 3 subscription on the Illinois Lottery Mobile App or.After the winning numbers have been drawn for the Pick 3 base game, a plus fireball will be drawn for each game from a pool of balls numbered 0.Depending on the Pick 3 game you may also see game options such as, Straight/Box, Front Pair, Back Pair, Split Pair, and others.Deemed necessary or advisable, the director shall adopt management regulations, orders of directives to implement and operate this lottery game.Offers lower cash payout than a Straight, but higher payout than a Box 6-Way.

Plus fireball gives you an extra number drawn and gives you more chances to win a prize.
When do the drawings take place?
The price paid for a back up bet shall be equal to the wager amount.